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Info on Batagraf

Info on Batagraf

Batagraf is a percussion think tank, or a constellation of players that research the outer parameters of rhythmic music. Inspired by  techniques and traditions from west-african Wolof music, the group explores new polyphonic textures and elastic rhythms. The relation between language and rhythm is constantly being investigated in different collaborations, as with Sidsel Endresen , Jaap Blonk, the poet Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen, or the singers in Trondheim Voices.

Batagraf is centered around the collaboration between Helge Norbakken, Jon Balke , Snorre Bjerck and Ingar Zach. Norbakken has developed his very personal approach to percussion, inspired by west-african traditions, but developed in a brilliant new direction in collaborations with artists like Mari Boine, Jon Hassell, Kari Bremnes etc.  Jon Balke, pianist, composer and conductor, has been a devoted  percussion player since the start of Eolén , an afro-fusion group from early 80´s. See the  upcoming page for upcoming Batagraf concerts. Musicians related to Batagraf are: Helge Norbakken,  Jon Balke,, Ingar Zach, Snorre Bjerck, Kenneth Ekornes Tor Haugerud, Gard Nilssen, Siv Øyunn Kjennstad , Emilie Christensen and more . PRATAGRAF is a side project, a collaboration with standup comedians Espen Beranek Holm and Are Kalvø. A hilariuos mix of news, media sounds and rythms. Very popular with norwegian audiences. BATABROK is another , including rapper Runar Gudnason (Side Brok ), Hedvig Mollestad Thomassen and Trond Augland.

Next Batagraf project: Workshop in february with large percussion group

march:rehearsals and recordings with Trondheim Voices: the Anodyne project

may: OBRA: major Stage performance with Bergen Big Band