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Info on Batagraf

Info on Batagraf

Batagraf is a percussion thinktank, a constellation of players that research the outer parameters of rhythmic music. Inspired by  techniques and traditions from west-african Wolof music, the group explores new polyphonic textures and elastic rhythms. The relation between language and rhythm is constantly being investigated in different collaborations, as with Sidsel Endresen , Jaap Blonk, the poet Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen, or the singers in Trondheim Voices.

Batagrafs hard core is Helge Norbakken, Jon Balke  and  Snorre Bjerck.

Helge Norbakken has developed his very personal approach to percussion, inspired by west-african traditions, but developed in a brilliant new direction in collaborations with artists like Mari Boine, Jon Hassell, Kari Bremnes etc. 

Jon Balke, pianist, composer and conductor, has been a devoted  percussion player since the start of Eolén , an afro-fusion group from early 80´s.

Snorre Bjerck has developed his personal approach to percussionism through groups like Transjoik, and numerous collaboration with world musicians. 

See the  upcoming page for upcoming Batagraf concerts. Musicians related to Batagraf are: Helge Norbakken,  Jon Balke,, Ingar Zach, Snorre Bjerck, Kenneth Ekornes Tor Haugerud, Gard Nilssen, Siv Øyunn Kjennstad , Emilie Christensen and more . PRATAGRAF is a side project, a collaboration with standup comedians Espen Beranek Holm and Are Kalvø. A hilariuos mix of news, media sounds and rythms. Very popular with norwegian audiences. BATABROK is another , including rapper Runar Gudnason (Side Brok ), Hedvig Mollestad Thomassen and Trond Augland.

Next Batagraf project: Workshop in february with large percussion group

march:rehearsals and recordings with Trondheim Voices: the Anodyne project

may: OBRA: major stage performance with Bergen Big Band and 5 actors