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Per Jørgensen trpt,vocals,percussion. Audun Kleive drums, electronics. Jon Balke piano, keyboards,percussion.
Jøkleba is a more than a group. Since 1990 this trio has been developing a concert form that is unique and unparalleled. Starting out as an experiment on restructuring the roles of an improvising group by playing without bass and avoiding using the drums as time-keeper, as well as skipping completely the concept of solo and accompaniment, Jøkleba went on for 25 years of continuous experiment and risk-taking, achieving concerts of very high emotional and musical peaks. Since 2011 Jøkleba has been performing a few rare concerts, and in 2015 released the album "Outland" on ECM. Jøkleba´s first records On and on, and Jøkleba live, are available through Gube Music but 2015´s Jøkleba!/Nu Jøk? on Universal is out of print.
Ongoing work tries to secure it as a vinyl release this year.